This is NOT your
"Top 10 places" guide
(we already have TripAdvisor:-)

MakerMap aims to be the quirky, crazy and fun guide to places and stuff we as makers love to discover. Leave as much info as possible, at least name the place:-)

Please be patient, your suggestion is much appreciated, but It might take some time for it to be added to the MakerMap.


The MakerMap is at its earliest stage, and will hopefully grow up someday. Until then we are running a budget version, where markers are added manually, and plugins that don't cost a fortune act as the backbone of this project.

For the future, the aim is for this site to be updated and have a better UI, but I'm in no hurry:-) First I need to know if this is worthwhile and makers around the world will use and contribute recommendations for all to enjoy.


    Thanks for recommending!